It’s all funny business with Randy Hausner

Randy Hausner used to be terrified of public speaking. In high school he’d even ditch class on days he was supposed to give an oral report. Then someone told him that stand-up comedy was the cure. 

When he turned 21 and was old enough to hit open mics at bars and clubs, he went for it—trembling hands and all. Sure enough, telling jokes to strangers desensitized him. “Once you do stand-up, not much rattles you,” he recalls. 

He soon realized that he enjoyed producing comedy shows even more than performing in them. He produced his first show some 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped bringing great line-ups to comedy clubs and recreation centers, and creating special private shows for companies, charities, associations and social gatherings. 

Randy also produces shows at the Stir Crazy comedy club in Glendale on the first Sunday of the month, and at a rec center in Phoenix on the first Saturday of the month. He emcees most of the shows himself. “The rec center shows are for all ages and we aren’t kidding. Audience members have ranged from four to 99 years old!” 

If you’d like a clean comedy show for your organization, call or text  Randy at 602-686-6174 or email him at cleancomedyUSA@gmail.com.